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  • Mother’s Milk is the sativa-dominant hybrid of Nepali OG and Appalachia. Its effects possess tranquil sedation that is also heady and functional, lending itself to either activity or relaxation. Indulge in Mother’s Milk to help curb minor physical pain, muscle spasms, and depression. These babies are rolled perfectly. We love Flow Kana's model, whereby they partner with small farms to help them process and distribute their harvests. All of their flower is grown in a responsible manner and hails from Mendocino County, which is part of the infamous Emerald Triangle.

$32.00·Six Mini Pre-Rolls / 3.6 Grams
Sativa; Nepali OG x Appalachia
Flow Kana | Learn more at www.flowkana.com
Small, Cone-Shaped Pre-Rolls in a Glass Jar
Earthy, Creamy, Lemon
Euphoric, Uplifting, Clear Headed
Sungrown; Mendocino County; Livicated Farms
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals
License #:
C11-0001065-LIC, PML18-0001544