Missed Delivery Policy

You will receive a live GPS tracking link via SMS when your driver is on their way to you from their previous order. Please have a valid form of ID and payment ready and keep your phone nearby during your delivery window so you don't miss us!

When your driver has notified you of their arrival, you have a 5 minute window to receive your delivery. We will text, call, (send carrier pigeons, jk) until we reach you. After the driver has been trying to contact you for 5 minutes HERB reserves the right to move onto our next delivery. Your order will then be subject to a $5 redelivery fee. Alternatively, if you contact us after our driver is on their way to your location to reschedule your delivery, your order will also be subject to a $5 redelivery fee.

Adhering to this policy respects our driver's time as well as our other members. Thanks in advance for respecting everyone by being ready and waiting for your delivery.